Pittsburbgh Steelers 2012 Team Needs

This post is the first of a couple posts I will make looking at certain teams potential 2012 draft needs. Obviously these will be updated throughout the season when needs become more clear.

Need No. 1: Casey Hampton’s replacement: The Steelers have done a great job in two of the last three drafts to find their replacement for Aaron Smith and Brett Kiesel. However, they have not found a replacement for Casey Hampton. If they want to find a replacement in the first round they could look at Alameda Ta’Amu from Washington.

Need No. 2: Hines Ward’s replacement: 2012 will likely be Hines’ last season. While the Steelers have three very good young receivers in Wallace, Brown, and Sanders none of them are no. 1 WR’s. They are best suited in the No. 2, 3, and 4 spots. If Limas Sweed has a break out year, this need drops. If they look for a No. 1 WR in the first round, Justin Blackmon, Jeff Fuller, and Alshon Jeffery will be the targets.

Need No. 3: Ryan Clark’s replacement: Clark is aging rapidly. He is losing speed and ability. Ryan Mundy might be capable of replacing Clark but the Steelers might not resign him. If they don’t, Robert Lester of Alabama and T.J. McDonald of USC could be first round targets.

Need No. 4: James Farrior’s replacement: This need depends on how second year player, Stevenson Sylvester, develops. If Sylvester shows a little bit more than what he showed as a rookie, I don’t think the Steelers will look for a replacement. If he regresses, they could look at Manti Te’o, Courtney Upshaw, and Chris Gallipo.

Need No. 5: Strong Safety backup/future replacement: Troy Polamalu has suffered minor injuries in the last two seasons. He is still playing at an incredible level but health/age could be a concern. The Steelers like to groom rookies for two to four years, and in a position as important as SS, they will probably do just that. They could look at Ray Ray Armstrong or Mark Barron in the first round of next years draft to groom as Troy’s replacement.

Editors Note: The posts will only be coming out about once per day from Monday through Friday for the next two weeks. I have final exams in school so I need to focus on them. Throughout the summer they will come out about once a day as well. The posts won’t pick up in pace until next September. If someone wants to help me publish posts, the site can continue to post two to four posts per day. If not, look for one post a day from around 3 PM to 7PM.


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