Baltimore Ravens 2008 NFL Draft Grades

The Ravens took two big risks in the first two rounds that paid off, by drafting Joe Flacco and Ray Rice. That tandem has nearly put them into the Super Bowl but have not quite gotten there.

Round 1 Pick 18: Joe Flacco, QB, Delaware: Flacco was considered a reach by many at the time but he has proven that the Ravens knew what they were doing. He has been one of the best young QB’s in the NFL but he has not been able to get over the hump that is the Pittsburgh Steelers and get to the Super Bowl. Still, he has tons of potential to get better and maybe, just maybe, he will get to a Super Bowl in the future. Pick Grade: A

Round 2 Pick 55: Ray Rice, RB, Rutgers: Rice was also considered a reach but he has proven to be one of the most versatile and best RB’s in the league. Not top five but definitely top 10 to top 12. He has used his great hands, vision, and quickness to create big plays for the Ravens. Pick Grade: A

Round 3 Pick 71: Tavares Gooden, LB, Miami: Gooden has been a huge disappointment thus far. He has been injured or in-effective most of his career and is probably on the last straw. I think he will be out of the NFL very soon. Pick Grade: C-

Round 3 Pick 86: Tom Zbikowski, S, Notre Dame: Zbikowski has been a very productive, above average safety for the Ravens. He has made some big plays on special teams as well as on defense and has been what the Ravens must have been expecting. Pick Grade: B+

Round 3 Pick 99: Oniel Cousins, OT, UTEP: Cousins has never developed into anything more than a decent backup, which was not what the Ravens were hoping for. Pick Grade: D+

Round 4 Pick 106: Marcus Smith, WR, New Mexico: This was the first of two attempts to get Flacco a deep threat but it failed miserably. Smith was nothing but terrible while on the Ravens and never made any contribution except on special teams. Pick Grade: D

Round 4 Pick 133: David Hale, OG/OT, Weber State: Another big bust. Hale has not used his talent to turn into a solid guard or tackle and has not contributed to the OL of the Ravens. The Ravens really struggled in these middle rounds. Pick Grade: F

Round 6 Pick 206: Haruki Nakamura, S, Cincinnati: Nakamura contributed on Special Teams a lot for the Ravens and he is thus a solid pick in the sixth round. Pick Grade: B

Round 7 Pick 215: Justin Harper, WR, Virginia Tech: Harper has yet to catch a pass in the NFL and does not contribute on special teams. Pick Grade: D

Round 7 Pick 240: Allen Patrick, RB, Oklahoma: Never did anything for the Ravens and he is no longer in the NFL. Pick Grade: D

Overall Draft Grade: B-

Getting their backfield set in the first two rounds was awesome but you have to think what could have been if they connected on more of their other picks. Six of their last eight picks were busts and the other two only contribute on special teams.

Starters: 3 (Flacco, Rice, Zbikowski)

Backups/Special Teams: 3 (Cousins, Smith, Nakamura)

Nothings/Busts: 4 (Gooden, Hale, Harper, Patrick)



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