NBA Draft Live Thread

After the 16th pick, I am going to make a new post

Trade Rumor: Spurs will send George Hill as part of a package to the Pacers for Leonard.

Update #16 (9:0 PM) Philadelphia selects Nikola Vucevic – I hate you Philadelphia. My favorite Knicks target is gone. New thread boys.

Update #15 (9:00 PM) Indiana selects Kawhi Leonard – My #1 Knicks target at this point is gone. What a steal for the Pacers.

Update #14 (8:54 PM) Houston selects Marcus Morris of Kansas – Twins back to back. Good pick as well.

Update #13 (8:46 PM) Phoenix selects Markeiff Morris from Kansas – Another Knicks target gone.

Update #12 (8:40 PM) Utah selects Alec Burks with their 2nd first round pick. – there goes another of my favorite Knicks targets.

Update #11 (8:34 PM) Golden State selects Klay Thompson – no surprise here. I mocked this last week and now let the Monta Ellis trade rumors begin.

Update #10 (8:28 PM) Milwaukee selects Jimmer Fredette for the Sacramento Kings (via the trade reported earlier) – Fredette and Evans in the backcourt is going to be a scary combination.

Update #9 (8:23 PM) Charlotte Bobcats select Kemba Walker – God damn you Michael Jordan go to hell. There goes my dreams for the Knicks to get Kemba.

Update #8 (8:17 PM) Detroit selects Brandon Knight – huge steal here as he could have went 3rd or 5th. Gives Detroit a real PG that could take them far eventually.

Update #7 (8:11 PM) Sacramento selects Bismack Biyombo for the Charlotte Bobcats (via the earlier trade). Bobcats decided they don’t want to score any points next year but just get good at defense.

Update #6 (8:07 PM) Washington selects Jan Vesley – no surprise here as I had this mocked since the get go.

Update #5 (8:02 PM) Toronto selects Jonas Valanciunas from Lithuania. – Awesome pick as it gives them a true center so they can move Bargaingi to the PF spot where he belongs.

Update #4 (7:56 PM) Cleveland selects Tristan Thompson from Texas – This is the first surprise pick but a very good one. Thompson is a great shot blocker, rebounder, and defender and could develop an offensive game.

Update #3 (7:50 PM) Utah Jazz select Enes Kanter – again another chalk pick. I am 3 for 3 so far. Kanter will pair with Al Jefferson and Derrick Favors to give the Jazz an awesome front-court.

Update #2 (7:45 PM) Timberwolves select Derrick Williams – again no surprise. They know have a very deep and talented front court to give Ricky Rubio some options.

Update #1 (7:39 PM): Cavs draft Kyrie Irving – No surprise here, the Cavs make the sensible choice and take the best player in the draft.

Trade #1

Charlotte Receives: 7th overall pick, Corey Maggette

Milwaukee Receives: 19th overall pick, Stephen Jackson, Beno Udrih, Shaun Livingston

Sacramento Receives: 10th overall pick, John Salmons

The Bucks definitely win out on this trade by adding a wealth of guards to pair with Brandon Jennings and Andrew Bogut. However, long term this could favor the Bobcats who are now in position for a terrible 2011-2012 season which will then give them a high chance at the #1 pick of next year’s loaded draft class.


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