2012 Baltimore Ravens Draft Needs

Despite drafting phenomenally over the past couple years, father time is starting to catch up to the Baltimore Ravens at some key positions. Add in some Free Agents and the 2012 Draft could be a huge one for the Ravens future. After the jump, take a look at the top 5 Needs for the Ravens in 2012.

Need No. 1: ILB of the future: Everybody knows that Ray Lewis is playing on his last strings here. If the Ravens don’t want to thrust a rookie into big playing time, they should take one of the many ILB’s in the 2012 draft class and develop him over the course of two to three years and then when Ray Ray retires, you can plug in this rookie. Some names are Manti Te’O and Vontaze Burfict. Other lesser talents are Dont’a Hightower, Courtney Upshaw, and Chris Gallipo.

Need No. 2: FS of the future: Similar to Ray Lewis, Ed Reed is starting to age as well. He missed six games to injury this year. Like Lewis, he is still playing at a high level but the Ravens should be looking two to three years down the line. Getting a FS early in the draft could ensure a smooth transition from Reed to rookie. Some names are Ray Ray Armstrong, Robert Lester, T.J. McDonald, and Kenny Tate.

Need No. 3: Center of the future: Matt Birk is going to be 36 years old come 2012. This need could be the top need depending on how you look at it. However, the center class so far only features one player worthy of first round consideration and that is Ohio State’s Michael Brewster.

Need No. 4: Cornerback: The Ravens have many free agent corners and also don’t have that much talent their. Jimmy Smith should provide a solid #1 or #2 corner if he keeps his head straight but adding another corner could be a high priority in 2012. The corner class could be the deepest ever if a lot of people declare. Some second to third round corner prospects are Desmond Trufant, Josh Robinson, Chase Minnifield, Janoris Jenkins, and many, many more (I will have a post soon looking at the ridiculous depth of the 2012 corner class).

Need No. 5: 2nd string RB: The Ravens have not used Ray Rice as a work-horse back yet and I am sure they would like to keep it that way. Finding a back to pair with him could be another high priority in 2012. Some names are Trent Richardson, Cyrus Gray, Chris Polk, Knile Davis, and Dan Herron.

That will finish this edition of 2012 Team Needs. After Free Agency happens we can start looking more at 2012 Team Needs. The post on the 2012 corner-back position will be out Friday or Monday and their will be a link dump on Thursday.


3 Comments on “2012 Baltimore Ravens Draft Needs”

  1. Mac says:

    Birk is need #1 he had that neck injury and Casey Hampton abused him in week 1

  2. Craig H says:

    rd1-a. Dont’a Hightower due to low risk and great ability
    b. back up pick Peter Konz
    c. if both are gone go with high risk and reward guy Vontaze Burfect
    rd2. a. Robert Lester
    b. back up T.J. Mcdonald
    2nd and 3rd day pick ups
    a. Vlachos

  3. J D Hall says:

    Ravens need a BIG running back!

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