2008 Cleveland Browns Draft Grade

Finally, back to some good old fashion football talk. Today we are going to look at the 2008 NFL Draft, this time specifically looking at the Cleveland Browns. In 2008, the Browns did not have a pick until the fourth round and had only five total picks. They failed to utilize those picks very well also. Overall, you could call this one of the worst drafts of all time. After the jump, look at specific pick grades and an overall grade.

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Lockout is still going and no end in site –

Well this is not really news worthy but as you all know, the NFL lockout is still going on. Their seemed to be progress two weeks ago in talks when the revenue split was tentatively agreed on at a 52-48 split in favor of the owners. However, rumors are that the owners got greedy and tried to lower the player’s number this week. That caused a delay in discussing other topics such as restricted free agency, rookie contracts, 18 game season, etc. With that, this past weeks talks were almost useless and we are rapidly approaching training camps. My gut tells me this week or next week that a deal will be done but I am starting to lose hope. Read the rest of this entry »

Site Update

With the NFL and NBA in a lockout, the two sports I cover the most are not happening. With that said, the site will not shut down. Here is what I am planning to do through the summer or as long as the NFL lockout lasts.

  • Monday’s: NFL related post
  • Tuesday’s: College basketball related post
  • Wednesday’s: College football related post (player profiles, player rankings, scouting reports, etc.)
  • Thursday’s: Link dump of the three sports
  • Friday’s: Week in Review/MLB post (reviewing the week in baseball, and anything interesting on the lockout front)
When the NFL lockout ends, we will get back to primarily covering football and draft stuff but until then I figured I would mix it up a bit. Also, I am still looking for a couple writers to help keep the site running and to help keep it different. If you are interested in writing about the NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA football/basketball on whatever schedule you want, email me at: steelersrule125(at)gmail.com. 
Also, if you ever have an opportunity to advertise this site, please do so. Don’t make it blatant but if somebody is asking about a prospect or something, just link them here if I had something on them.

NBA Lockout has begun

The NBA Owners have informed the Players that they have locked them out. I expect this to be a lengthy lockout due to the fact that it is Owners vs. Owners and Players vs. Owners. I will have more details on this next week analyzing each of the specific issues in this lockout.

Mocking the Draft Player Rankings (Defense)

Check out Mocking the Draft for player rankings for every position (defense) for the 2012 draft. The offensive rankings should be out next week. I am going to be doing my own rankings next week but they provide a nice preview.