Site Update

With the NFL and NBA in a lockout, the two sports I cover the most are not happening. With that said, the site will not shut down. Here is what I am planning to do through the summer or as long as the NFL lockout lasts.

  • Monday’s: NFL related post
  • Tuesday’s: College basketball related post
  • Wednesday’s: College football related post (player profiles, player rankings, scouting reports, etc.)
  • Thursday’s: Link dump of the three sports
  • Friday’s: Week in Review/MLB post (reviewing the week in baseball, and anything interesting on the lockout front)
When the NFL lockout ends, we will get back to primarily covering football and draft stuff but until then I figured I would mix it up a bit. Also, I am still looking for a couple writers to help keep the site running and to help keep it different. If you are interested in writing about the NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA football/basketball on whatever schedule you want, email me at: steelersrule125(at) 
Also, if you ever have an opportunity to advertise this site, please do so. Don’t make it blatant but if somebody is asking about a prospect or something, just link them here if I had something on them.

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