Lockout is still going and no end in site –

Well this is not really news worthy but as you all know, the NFL lockout is still going on. Their seemed to be progress two weeks ago in talks when the revenue split was tentatively agreed on at a 52-48 split in favor of the owners. However, rumors are that the owners got greedy and tried to lower the player’s number this week. That caused a delay in discussing other topics such as restricted free agency, rookie contracts, 18 game season, etc. With that, this past weeks talks were almost useless and we are rapidly approaching training camps. My gut tells me this week or next week that a deal will be done but I am starting to lose hope.

Expect another post out in a couple hours about real football stuff.

Also, I am still looking for a couple writers to help keep the site running and to help keep it different. If you are interested in writing about the NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA football/basketball on whatever schedule you want, email me at: steelersrule125(at)gmail.com. 


2 Comments on “Lockout is still going and no end in site –”

  1. MockDraftHQ says:

    Dont quit your site just because of the lockout man.

    • steelersrule125 says:

      I did not quit the site because of the lockout. The site will be back up and running in about a month. I had to take a break from football writing to focus on my job and my athletic career. I will let you guys know when the site is back up and running, and once it starts it will be going at full speed.

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