Updated Position Rankings – OGs/OCs

Sorry for the lack of multiple posts per day over the last two days. Tomorrow I will post the mock draft and Saturday, I will post an NFL Game of the Week. Sunday is my rest day and we will get back to the position rankings Monday.

Offensive Guards:

1. David DeCastro, OG, Stanford: DeCastro is an excellent run blocker and an above average pass blocker. He is a late first round prospect at this point.

2. Brandon Washington, OG/OT, Miami: Washington is playing LT right now but his game fits that of a guard in the NFL. He is a very good pass blocker and a good run blocker but will need to adjust to the guard spot in the NFL. He is an early second round pick right now.

3. Cordy Glenn, OG, OT/OG, Georgia: Glenn is a good pass blocker that is playing LT right now. He has a good skill set to play guard in the NFL and I think he will be a second round pick.

See the rest of the rankings after the jump

4. Kevin Zeitler, OG, Wisconsin: Zeitler is a phenomenal run blocker and an average pass blocker. He is a third to fourth round pick right now.

5. Stephen Good, OG, Oklahoma: Good is undersized and will have to rely on his quickness at the next level. I think he is a sixth to seventh round pick as of now.

6. Lucas Nix, OG, Pittsburgh

7. Larry Warford, OG, Kentucky


1. Michael Brewster, OC, Ohio State: Brewster is the best center in this draft but he is not comparable to either of the Pouncey’s from the last two years. He looks to me like a late first to early second round pick.

2. Peter Konz, OC, Wisconsin: Konz is almost as good as Brewster and has a chance to pass him by the time April rolls around. He is a second to third round pick right now.

3. Ben Jones, OC, Georgia: Jones’ stock is improving as each week passes. By the time the draft comes around, he could be a fourth to fifth round pick.

4. William Vlachos, OC, Alabama: Vlachos looks like a late round project at this point with a lot of potential.

5. David Molk, OC, Michigan: I think he is a seventh round to UDFA at this point. His stock has been falling since the year started but he looked better last week than the previous two.


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