NFL Stars of the Week – Week 6

This week was a terrible week for offensive performers. So bad that I only gave two honorable mentions. However, the defense more than made up for it, with numerous people have incredible games.

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NFL Week 6 Power Rankings

Sorry for disappearing the last two weeks. I have been extremely busy.

First, since these are the first power rankings of the year, I will give you a primer on how these are determined. Two years ago, my friend and I had a math project that was to create a formula to rank a specific sport or industry by “goodness”. We decided to try and create a formula to rank the NFL teams. It proved to be a difficult task but we have come up with a pretty good system IMO. Since two years ago, we have tweaked and adjusted the formula to where it is know. Here is what the formula takes into account


  • Record (winning percentage)
  • Strength of Schedule
  • Strength of Victory
  • Points Per Game and Points Allowed per game
  • Yards per Game and Yards allowed per Game
  • Total offensive rank and Total defensive rank
  • Turnover differential
  • Divisional Strength
  • Conference Strength

After the jump, see the first edition of the Power Rankings for this year. The earlier in the season we are, the higher the total score will be (closer to 1) and the narrower the margin will be. By week 17, there will probably be no team above a .991 ranking and there will be massive differences from 1 to 16.

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NFL Stars of the Week – Week 4

Some repeat performers this week but an overall lack of impressive performances. Nobody wowed me except forAaron Rodgers.

Offensive Stars of the Week:

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Updated Position Rankings – DE’s

Last week we began to update the position rankings and finished through the offensive side of the ball. This week, the goal is to finish the defensive side of the ball and then move onto player profiles next week.

1. Donte Paige-Moss, DE, North Carolina: Moss started the season behind Coples in my rankings but after dominating the early portion of the season and Coples struggling mightily, I now have Moss just ahead of Coples.

2. Quinton Coples, DE, North Carolina: Coples is still a very good prospect and could regain top 10 status with a strong finish.

3. Brandon Jenkins, DE, Florida State: Jenkins is a beastly pass rusher and should fit in well as a 4-3 DE in the NFL. He needs to improve as a run stopper to be an every down player.

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