Analyzing the 2010 Draft – Pittsburgh Steelers

It has been two years now since the 2010 NFL Draft and I am ready to give initial grades to that draft.

Round 1 – Maurkice Pouncey, OC, Florida – Grade A – The Pittsburgh Steelers, coming off a disappointing 2009 campaign decided it was time to move on from Center Justin Hartwig. They elected to select Maurkice Pouncey out of Florida to groom to replace Hartwig. However, what they could not expect was for Pouncey to come in and immediately be able to replace Hartwig. Since entering the leage, Pouncey has been one of the best centers in the NFL and if he can avoid the injury bug, he will be an absolute stud.

Other Possible Selections: Devin McCourtyDez BryantDan Williams

Round 2 – Jason Worilds, OLB, Virginia Tech – Grade B- – In the second round, the Steelers elected to add depth at OLB. The pick was kind of surprising at the time since Worilds was viewed as a 3rd round prospect but Worilds has played fairly well in his action. While he has looked lost in run support early in his career, it certainly looks like the potential is there for Worilds to become the next great Steelers OLB but he will have to get stronger.

Other Possible Selections: Sean LeeTerrence CodyGolden TateCharles Brown

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Round 3 – Emmanuel Sanders, WR, SMU – Grade B- – In the third round, the Steelers decided to continue to rebuild their WR corps and took the shifty Emmanuel Sanders. Sanders battled injuries this year but looked good in limited in action and seems to have a bright future as the slot WR. He has good speed and great hands and route running abilities and it would not shock me for him to have a major breakout season next year.

Other Possible Selections: Jordan ShipleyEric DeckerAndre Roberts, Navarro Bowman, Jimmy Graham


Round 4 – Thaddeus Gibson, OLB, Ohio State – Grade D – In the fourth round the Steelers decided to double dip on OLBs and this was a massive waste of a pick. Gibson was placed on the PS early on and was claimed by the49ers.

Other Possible Selections: Geno AtkinsAl WoodsO’Brien Schofield

Round 5 – Chris Scott, OT, Tennessee – Grade D – With the first of three fifth round picks, the Steelers tried to bolster their OL and add a project of a OT. By all accounts and purposes, this was a wasted pick as Scott has not done anything.

Other Possible Selections: Riley CooperLarry Asante

Round 5 – Credzon Butler, CB, Clemson – Grade D – With their second pick in this round, the Steelers tried to add an athletic corner with tons of potential. Unfortunately, Butler was not able to live up to that potential.

Other Possible Selections: James Starks, Kyle Williams, Carlton Mitchell

Round 5 – Stevenson Sylvester, LB, Utah – Grade B+ – With their third pick in the 5th round, the Steelers tried to add an athletic LB who could contribute on ST and they got just that. This was a great pick as nobody picked in the next 20 picks turned out to be anything special and Sylvester has been a stud on special teams.

Round 6 – Jonathan Dwyer, RB, Georgia Tech – Grade B – With their first pick in the 6th round, the Steelers decided to add a RB who was a 2nd round pick prior to the combine. To date, Dwyer has shown some potential and is still on the roster, which makes this pick a success.

Other Possible Selections: James Starks, Jamar Chaney

Round 6 – Antonio Brown, WR, Central Michigan – Grade A+ – With their 2nd pick of the 6th round, the Steelers looked to add a dynamic WR from a small school. This is arguably Kevin Colbert’s best pick of all time as Brown is already in NFL record books as the first person to ever record 1000 receiving and return yards in the same year. If Brown can improve at getting into the endzone, he will be considered one of the top WRs in the NFL.

Round 7 – Doug Worthington, DE, Ohio State – Grade C – In the 7th round the Steelers took the BPA and looked to add a DE. Unfortunately for the Steelers, they were unable to sneak Worthington to the PS and he was claimed by another team.

Other Possible Selections – David NelsonSam Shields, LaGarrete Blount,


Pro Bowlers: 2 (Pouncey, Brown)

Contributors: 4: (Worilds, Sanders, Dwyer, Sylvester)

Busts/Wasted Picks: 4: (Gibson, Scott, Butler, Worthington)

Grade – A – Despite missing on a couple mid round picks, Colbert and Tomlin did an incredible job identifying talent in the latter rounds, landing three major contributors in the 5th and 6th rounds. Throw in a great first round pick and solid second and third round picks and you can see why this team is consistently at the top of the league. When you can get 60% of your draft class to contribute, you will be a very good team.


One Comment on “Analyzing the 2010 Draft – Pittsburgh Steelers”

  1. Scott says:

    Wow this was a heck of a draft. I liked it at the time, but getting 2 probowlers after only two seasons and having 4 solid contributors is huge. I like it even more now.

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