Analyzing the Guard Class

This year’s offensive guard class is loaded with good players from top to bottom and has possibly the best guard prospect in the past ten years to top it off. After the jump see all you need to know about this fantastic class of guards.

Elite Prospect(s)

  • This year’s class features one elite prospect in David DeCastro. DeCastro is my #7 overall prospect in the draft and is an absolute stud. There is nothing he can’t do and is a beast in the run game. He has experience, strength, and footwork to go along with great smarts and size. I could see him going anywhere from 11 to 17. Some possible landing zones are the Chiefs at 11, the Seahawks at 12, the Cardinals at 13, the Cowboys at 14, or the Bengals at 17.

The Next Tier

  • This is where this class is really good. There are five more guard prospects worthy of a first or second round pick and a guard/center hybrid that should be a first round pick. The guards are Cordy Glenn, Kelechi Osemele, Kevin Zeitler, Brandon Washington, and Amini Silatolu. Peter Konz is the best center in this class but I also have him rated as the second best guard. Glenn and Osemele both have quick feet but excel in the run game. Zeitler and Washington are more versatile guards that can do it all. Silatolu is from a DII school named Midwestern State and could end up being the 2nd guard off the board if he excels at the combine. Konz is a jack of all trades who is versatile and smart.


  • The prospects who you would consider maulers in this class are Glenn, Osemele, and Brooks. Brandon Brooks is an intriguing prospect from Miami (Ohio). He is absolutely massive and is a beast in the run game. He is quick on his feet and is currently projected as a 3rd round prospect.

Pass Protectors

  • Lonnie Edwards, Senio Kelemente, Ryan Miller, and Lucas Nix are all very good mid round prospects who excel as pass protectors. Edwards comes from the pass happy Texas Tech offense and could be a steal in the fourth to fifth round. Kelemente, Miller, and Nix are all college tackles that will have to convert to guard in the NFL.

Complete Prospects

  • David DeCastro, Peter Konz, and Kevin Zeitler are the most complete guards in this class. They all have their strengths (DeCastro in the run game, Konz and Zeitler with their intelligence) but can do it all.

Players who need a good combine

  • Glenn has the most riding on the combine. Guards don’t usually get effected much by the combine but Glenn needs to come in under 350 pounds to avoid the Andre Smith dilemma. Another player with the opposite problem of glen is Ryan Miller, who needs to come in at 320 or higher to prove that he is a legitimate guard prospect. He has a listed weight of around 305.


  • My favorite sleepers in this draft are Tony Bergstrom, Rishaw Johnson, and Desmond Wynn. Bergstrom is a tackle from Utah that has to convert to guard and has great footwork and a great motor. He is projected as a fourth to fifth round prospect. Johnson is a versatile guard who is good at both pass blocking and run blocking. He is from a small school (California (PA)) and is projected as a fifth to sixth round prospect. Wynn is from Rutgers and started for two years with great success. He has good size and is very quick on his feet. He could be a major steal in the sixth to seventh round.

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