More Combine News

Hey guys. Just wanted to continue to update some of the combine stuff.

Today was the day the combine really got going with the RB’s and WR’s both participating in 40’s and drills. I already covered the WR’s who impressed at the combine and now I will talk about the RBs who impressed and did not impress.

None of the RB’s had bad combines but a few of them really stood out


  • Doug Martin, Boise State – The only question on Martin was if he had the top end speed to break the long runs. By running an official 4.47 he put any questions about that to rest. Oh yeah, he also did 28 reps on the bench press. He solidified himself as a top 50 pick and a possible 1st round selection.
  • Robert Turbin, Utah State – Turbin had an incredible combine doing 28 reps on the bench press and running an impressive 4.44 in the 40. He solidified himself as a 3rd to 4th round prospect and is definitely trending up.
  • Ronnie Hillman, San Diego State – Hillman had a good combine running a better than expected 4.41. With that kind of speed and his build (5’9″ 200) he should be a solid early day three selection.
  • Terrance Ganaway, Baylor – Ganaway showed off his athleticism running a 4.63 and looked good in drills. He should be a 4th round pick if he follows this up with a good pro day.
  • Cyrus Gray, Texas A&M – Gray is a burner who backed up his status with a 4.41. He also showed some good strength with 21 reps on the bench press. He is a 5th round prospect right now.
  • Chris Polk, Washington – There were concerns about Polk’s speed but those can be put to rest. He ran an impressive 4.46 and with his abilities he is a solid top 75 prospect and a Day 2 selection.


  • Chris Rainey, Florida – Rainey was expected to run in the 4.2’s but somewhat disappointingly ran a 4.37. However this should not hurt his stock too much because he looked like he had a sore hamstring and he will have a chance to redeem himself at Florida’s pro day.

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