Trades and early Free Agent Signings

As you all know, free agency plays a huge role in the draft strategy of certain teams. Here are today’s moves so far

  • Miami trades Brandon Marshall to the Chicago Bears for 2 3rd round picks (one in the future). This trade is a huge win for Chicago as they fill their biggest need in landing a #1 WR. 
  • Perrish Cox, Randy Moss and Tavares Gooden sign with San Francisco. The 49ers made three moves in the past 24 hours to add depth to their team. Cox is a good nickel corner while Moss gives them a deep threat and Gooden gives them depth at the OLB position. 
  • Marques Colston resigns with the Saints. The Saints had to make this move to convince Drew Brees to sign a long term extension. 

That is all that has happened so far. I will continue to update this stuff as it happens


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