Why David DeCastro will fall out of the top 12

I have been wondering a lot about David Decastro’s draft stock so I did some research. Here is when the first guard was taken in the draft since 2000

2011 – 23rd
2010 – 17th
2009 – 51st
2008 – 39th
2007 – 29th
2006 – 23rd
2005 – 32nd
2004 – 46th
2003 – 33nd
2002 – 30th (that was us, Simmons)
2001 – 17th (Hutchinson, now a FA)
2000 – 37th

After the jump see some analysis of this

Granted, DeCastro is the best guard prospect in a while and he is better than Iupati was in 2010 but I still see DeCastro getting picked between 14 and 17 and NOT in the top 12 to a team like the Chiefs. No matter who gets DeCastro and where he falls to, he will still be a great player because of his ability to block in both phases of the game, his strength, his work ethic, and his intelligence. Ultimately I think he goes #14 to the Cowboys because they have a huge need at RG but despite teams like the Chiefs and Seahawks having big needs at guard, I just can’t see them taking a guard in the top 12.


One Comment on “Why David DeCastro will fall out of the top 12”

  1. Gerrimy says:

    So what are the lottery numbers for next week?

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