My 2012 NCAA Tournament Bracket

With the 2012 NCAA tournament starting tomorrow I figured I would give my bracket to yall. Just to let you know, even though I watch a ton of college basketball, I suck at picking brackets. After the jump see who I am picking


Round 1

Kentucky beats Western Kentucky –

Connecticut beats Iowa State –

Wichita State over VCU –

New Mexico State over Indiana –

UNLV over Colorado-

Baylor over South Dakota State –

Xavier over Notre Dame –

Duke over Leigh – No explanation needed

Round 2

Kentucky over Connecticut

Wichita State over New Mexico State

Baylor over UNLV

Duke over Xavier

Sweet Sixteen

Kentucky over Wichita State

Baylor over Duke

Elite Eight

Kentucky over Baylor


Round 1

Michigan State over Long Island

Memphis over St. Louis

New Mexico over Long Beach State

Louisville over Davidson

Murray State over Colorado State

Marquette over BYU

Florida over Virginia

Missouri over Norfolk State

Round Two

Michigan State over Memphis

New Mexico over Louisiville

Marquette over Murray State

Missouri over Florida

Sweet Sixteen

Michigan State over New Mexico

Missouri over Marquette

Elite Eight

Missouri over Michigan State


Round 1

Syracuse over UNC Asheville

Kansas State over Southern Miss

Vanderbilt over Harvard

Wisconsin over Montana

Cincinnati over Texas

Florida State over St. Bonaventure

West Virginia over Gonzaga

Ohio State over Loyola

Round 2

Kansas State over Syracuse

Vanderbilt over Wisconsin

Florida State over Cincinnati

Ohio State over West Virginia

Sweet Sixteen

Vanderbilt over Kansas State

Florida State over Ohio State

Elite Eight

Florida State over Vanderbilt


Round 1

North Carolina over Vermont

Creighton over Alabama

USF over Temple

Michigan over Ohio

N.C. State over San Diego State

Georgetown over Belmont

Purdue over St. Mary’s

Kansas over Detroit

Round 2

North Carolina over Creighton

USF over Michigan

Georgetown over N.C. State

Kansas over Purdue

Sweet Sixteen

North Carolina over USF

Kansas over Georgetown

Elite Eight

North Carolina over Kansas

Final Four

Kentucky over Missouri

North Carolina over Florida State


Kentucky over North Carolina

And that is all I got. Hopefully I do better than I usually do.


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