Stock Rising – Stock Falling

With just 24 hours to go before the NFL Draft comes around, I will give you a quick break down of who has seen their stock rise and fall in the past week or so. 

Stock Rising:

  • Stephon Gilmore – Stephon Gilmore was thought of as the #4 corner in the draft up until the past week or so. Since then, however, his lack of off field concerns and great game tape has seen his stock rise into possibly, the top ten. 
  • Fletcher Cox – Cox came into the draft process as a second round prospect but after a re-evaluation of his film and a good combine, Cox has seen his stock soar to the top 10. The absolute furthest he falls is #9 to the Panthers. 
  • Chandler Jones – Chandler Jones came into the draft as a pass rusher who was very raw and had a 2nd round grade. However, after a good combine and great team meetings, he apparently wowed GMs with his knowledge of the game and is now thought of as a top 25 pick. There is little chance he falls out of the first round. 
  • Shea McClellin – McClellin came into the draft process as a Day 2 pick but after re-evaluation of his film and showing plus athleticism, he has soared into late first round consideration. 
  • Michael Brockers – Brockers came into the draft as a late first round pick but has flown up the boards because of his potential and athleticism. He could go as high as #15 to the Eagles. 
  • Amini Silatolu – Silatolu came into the draft process as an unknown, small school guard. However, he has made a huge name for himself and has solidified himself as a top 50 (and possibly first round) pick. 
  • Kevin Zeitler – Zeitler came into the draft as a 3rd round prospect by some (others, like myself, had him as a 2nd round guy throughout) but has recently soared up to the late first round. The reason is because he has as much potential as DeCastro and is a very, very safe pick. 
  • Casey Heyward – Outside of the big 4 corners, Heyward has solidified himself as the #5 guy. The reason are his great game film combined with a great combine. He has all the tools to be a very good corner in the NFL for a long time. 
  • James Michael Johnson – JMJ, who was kind enough to interview with me earlier in the year, came into the draft as a mid to late round guy. However, recently, because of his great athleticism and good instincts, he has risen into the 2nd or 3rd round of the draft. I don’t see any way he falls outside of the 3rd round. 

Stock Falling

  • Ryan Tannehill  – Tannehill is not falling so much as just leveling out. For a couple weeks he was thought of as a possibility for the #4 pick but now, and rightfully so, he is more in the 8 to 13 range.  
  • Dontari Poe – Poe is in a similar situation to Tannehill. For a few weeks after the combine, people had him in the top 10 of their mocks. However, over the past week or so, people went back and looked at film and put him right back where he belongs, in the late teens to early 20s. 
  • Janoris Jenkins – Now we get someone who killed his stock. Once considered a top 15 pick, after numerous off the field problems came up, he has fallen to the 2nd round. He could go anywhere from 34 to 50 but he is a major risk. 
  • Courtney Upshaw – Upshaw began the draft process as a possible top 10 pick and to no fault of his own, he has fallen to the latter third of the first round. The reason he fell is because he does not have a true position. He will fit somewhere in the league because he is a great player and a hard worker but not many people are sure exactly where he will fit. 
  • Peter Konz  – Konz is still an excellent player and still has all the talent he had but many teams have reportedly grown concerned over his injury history. He will now likely go somewhere between 30 and 60 and if he stays healthy, he could become a huge steal. 

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