NFL Draft Open Thread

This thread will be used for significant developments, trades, and picks during the first round of the NFL Draft. Let me know what you think about each pick by commenting on this thread. If you are on the site, just keep refreshing the page throughout the night as I will add all the updates below the jump.

7:56 PM: The Cleveland Browns have given up picks #4, 118, 138, and 211 to move up to the #3 pick and likely select Trent Richardson

8:20 PM: Luck, Griffin, and Richardson go 1 through 3. No surprises there

8:24 PM: The Vikings make the right choice and take Kalil. Also, Bucs and Jaguars trying to work on a trade

8:32: It is official. Jags give up 1st and 4th to move up and take Blackmon. Also, the Cowboys have moved up to 6 and will likely take Claiborne. Details of trade unknown

8:34 – it is official. Cowboys give up 14 and 45 to get #6 and take Claiborne. This is getting insane

8:41 – Shefter reporting that Mark Barron will be the pick at 7 – its official, Barron goes 7 to the Bucs

8:47 – Dolphins take Tannehill – no shock there

8:54 – First decent surprise in the draft – Panthers take Luke Kuechly over Fletcher Cox

9:03 – Bills take Gilmore over FLoyd at 10

9:07 – Dontari Poe goes 11 to the Chiefs and the Eagles trade up to 12

9:10 – Shefter is saying the pick will be Cox. Also, the Eagles gave up 114 and 172 along with 15

9:24 – Floyd goes 13 to the Cardinals and Brockers goes 14 to the Rams

9:30 – The Seahawks shock the world and take Bruce Irvin at 15. He was a 2nd round pick on most mocks

9:42 – In a minor shock, the Jets take Coples over Ingram

9:48 – Bengals take Kirkpatrick – Chargers take Ingram

9:57 – Bears take Shea McClellin

10:04 – Titans take Kendall Wright at 20. Patriots move up to 21 and take Chandler Jones. Gave up a first round pick (not sure which one) and 93


10:27: Pats move up to 25 and take Hightower

10:37 – Texans take Mercilus and Bengals take Zeitler

10:45 – Packers take Perry. Vikings give up a 2 and a 4 to get up to 29 and take Harrison Smith

10:53 – 49ers take A.J. Jenkins at 30 and Doug Martin goes 31 to the Bucs who traded up to get him

11:04 – and the Super Bowl Champion Giants finish the 1st round with David Wilson.


See you all tomorrow


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