2013 NFL Draft Prospects – Wide Receivers

One of the strengths of the 2013 class as of now appears to be the wide receivers. The class is loaded with potential top 10 picks with Robert Woods, Keenan Allen, and Marquess Wilson all fitting that type of prospect. Woods could end up being a top 3 pick and the highest WR taken in a long time. Outside of the “big three” there are plenty of other impressive prospects like Justin Hunter and Da’Rick Rogers from Tennessee who both possess great height, weight, and speed. Kenny Stills is incredibly productive and Cobi Hamilton will look to replace Arkansas’s three NFL Wide Receivers. If there are any names I am missing, let me know in the comments

1. Robert Woods, WR, USC – 6’1 – 190 pounds

2. Keenan Allen, WR, California – 6’3″ – 206 pounds

3. Marquess Wilson, WR, Washington State – 6’4″ – 183 pounds

4. Kenny Stills, WR, Oklaoma – 6’1″ – 193 pounds

5. Tavarres King, WR, Georgia – 6’1″ – 192 pounds

6. Cobi Hamilton, WR, Arkansas – 6’3″ – 209 pounds

7. Justin Hunter, WR, Tennessee – 6’4″ – 200 pounds

8. Da’Rick Rogers, WR, Tennessee – 6’3″ – 208 pounds

9. Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia – 5’9″ – 174 pounds

10. Roy Roundtree, WR, Michigan – 6’1″ – 176 pounds

11. Ryan Swope, WR, Texas A&M – 6’0″ – 206 pounds


6 Comments on “2013 NFL Draft Prospects – Wide Receivers”

  1. Alex King says:

    Terrance Williams

    • steelersrule125 says:

      He will be mentioned in the coming days and weeks. I have added a lot to my big board and will show it all to you within the week

  2. Jason Ricks says:

    If Aaron Mellette, Elon University, SR, WR is not on your top 5 wide receiver prospects for the 2013 NFL Draft, you obviously have not seen the stats/tape from this kid! He has the size, speed, skill, and resume to compete at the next level and be very successful. If he doesn’t make the list then this list of prospects is very premature and more research needs to be invested in this kid

    • steelersrule125 says:

      I will be honest and say I had never heard of him but I am going to look into him tomorrow and let you know what I think

  3. Brandon Williams says:

    What about Aaron Mellete….. He’s a good wideout for Elon…. Check him out and i bet you will change this list…. 113 recp. wit 1,639 yd and 12td of the 2012 season…. Is it because he is FCS instead of FBS….. Aaron Mellette is the truth just check him out

  4. Jim Morris says:

    Aaron Dobson

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