2013 NFL Draft Scouting Reports – Tyler Wilson, QB, Arkansas

Tyler Wilson, QB, Arkansas

Height: 6’3″

Weight: 220

Class: Senior

2011 Stats: 277 for 438 – 3638 yards – 63.2 completion % – 8.31 YPA – 24TD – 6INT

Draft Projection: Top 10 – Wilson will need another similar year to last year to solidify himself as a top 10 pick but if he does have another great year, he could be in discussion for the #1 overall pick

Draft Grade (out of 100): 94.0 – I have Barkley rated slightly higher than Wilson (95.0) because he is more polished and more proven. Wilson can raise this number with another strong season.

Player Comparison: Phillip Rivers – Like Rivers, Barkley has a cannon for an arm and can make all the throws. I would say that Wilson takes better care of the ball than Rivers did and he is smaller than Rivers but in terms of skill set, they are similar.


  • Arm Strength: Wilson has an incredible arm and he has accuracy on the deep balls as well. Wilson can make all the throws and won’t have any limitations in terms of a system.
  • Good Accuracy: Wilson has the accuracy to fit balls into tight windows and can throw against good coverage. He has accuracy to all three levels and that can be seen by his completion percentage and YPA.
  • Good Mobility: While Wilson does not scramble that often, he has incredible mobility and is good at avoiding sacks. Think Ben Roethlisberger or Eli Manning. While they don’t often scramble, they will move around in the pocket and avoid sacks.
  • Upside: This is where Wilson will raise his stock. Wilson has incredible upside because of his arm strength and mobility. With some coaching and some refining to his technique, he could become a franchise QB.


  • Needs to work on mechanics outside of the pocket: Wilson, while he has the mobility similar to Big Ben, does not keep his mechanics when he gets outside the pocket. He tends to rush throws and struggles with his accuracy when on the run.
  • Pocket Presence: While Wilson has good mobility, he does not always feel the pressure from the blind side. He took 24 sacks last year and will need to improve that number if he wants to become an elite QB.

Final Word: Wilson has all the tools you look for in a franchise QB but needs to work on his pocket presence and mechanics outside the pocket. However, he has unteachable talent and will be a high pick in the draft because of those talents.


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