Jeremy Hazell’s future as an NBA player

This post will look at my opinions about Jeremy Hazell as an NBA player. I have seen him dominate the Big East for the last four years and know a lot about him. He is one of the top scorers in the draft class and his length and athleticism should make him a good defender. Whoever takes a chance on him in the 2nd round of this draft will be very pleased in the future.
1. His ability to score the ball: I was going to write his ability to shoot the ball but that is not the only way he scores. Before this season, he was considered only a shooter. But after this season, it is clear he can score in many ways. This year he showed us his ability to finish in the lane, force fouls, hit the mid range shot, and obviously hit the 3 ball. His ability to score the ball is simply unprecedented and will make him an offensive asset on any team.
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The NBA Draft

I know this is an NFL Draft site but I am interested in the NBA Draft and here is some good content I have found. Since there is not a lot going on in the NFL, I will have some posts about the NBA Draft on occasion.

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