Grading the 2012 NFL Draft – AFC North and AFC East

First a little introduction on why the grades will happen. The grades are based on a combination of need, BPA, and who the teams passed on. Also, the lowest grade in the 6th round is a D and in the 7th round it is a C. Most picks from round 5 and beyond will be in the C range unless a pick is very good.

AFC North

Pittsburgh Steelers

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Day 2 Open Thread

This is not going to be updated after every pick. Instead, I will update when there are trades and surprising picks. Like usual, feel free to leave commentary about all the picks in the comments. I will update below the jump.

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Top 15 Players Available in Round Two

The first round has come and gone and not without surprises. Bruce Irvin and Brandon Weeden both went in the first round. David DeCastro fell to the Steelers at 24. However, despite all that mayhem, there are still some great players left on the board. Take the jump and find out who are the top 15 players left on the board.

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