2 Round NFL Mock Draft

Well I have gathered enough information to publish another mock draft. This one is of the two round variety. Anywhere you see a ? next to team needs, that means I still need help with those teams. Once I gather all that information, I can begin expanding the draft to 3 and 4 rounds.

Round 1

1.    Indianapolis (2-14) – Team Needs: QB, OG, OC, 2CB, WR, SS, TE, DE, LB, RB – Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford – This is an absolute no brainer and no explanation is really needed.
2.    St. Louis (2-14) – 2OT, 2WR, 2OLB, FS, CB, DT, OC, RB, FB – Matt Kalil, OT, USC – This pick is basically a no brainer. The Rams will consider Justin Blackmon but a franchise LT is more important and more valuable than a franchise WR.
3.    Minnesota (3-13) – LT, CB, WR, S, OG, 2LB, DT, FB, RB3 – Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma State – If Kalil is taken by the Rams, this pick will also be a no brainer. Blackmon is a beast and would give Jake Locker a franchise WR.

4.    Cleveland (4-12) – QB, WR, RT, DE, CB, OLB, RB, OG, FS, DT, K – Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor – Again, another no brainer. If Blackmon is off the board, the Browns will have to take the 2nd best QB in the draft and someone that fits perfectly in Pat Shurmur’s West Coast offense. He has great accuracy, is very mobile, and has great intelligence.

5.    Tampa Bay (4-12) – 2CB, 2LB, RT, WR, OC, RB, LG, FB, DT, QB, K – Morris Claiborne, CB, LSU – Another easy pick. The Bucs biggest need is finding a CB and Claiborne is the best CB in the draft class and could be better in coverage than Patrick Peterson was in coverage.

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One Round NFL Mock Draft

Anyways, here is my first mock draft for 2012 and it will be of the one round variety. Why only one round? Because I need you guys to help me with something. As of know, I really only know the team needs for 5 to 10 teams. Wherever you see a ? down below the jump, that means I don’t know those teams needs. If you guys could, I would greatly appreciate it if you could list the teams needs in order of greatest importance to least importance in the comments section. Once I have all the teams needs filled out, I will move on to 4 or 5 round mock drafts.

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Mock Draft Version 2.1

Obviously the order is just my speculation. It is the least important part of these mock drafts. Don’t take it personal if your team is picking higher than you would like. The record’s I have are how I think each team will fare in the 2011-2012 season. Also, please note in the title the version number is represented as (rounds.how many mock drafts I have done with that many rounds)

1. Washington Redskins (3-13): Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford: Whoever picks #1 will probably be a quarterback needy team and will take Luck, Barkley, or Jones. Unless Jones or Barkley are spectacular, that team will take Luck.
2. Buffalo Bills (4-12) : Matt Barkley, QB, USC: If the Bills are picking this high again, they have to think about taking a QB. Barkley has huge upside and would possibly move the Bills up from picking in the top 3 to picking 10 to 15.
3. Minnesota Vikings (4-12): Matt Kalil, OT, USC: Kalil is a good but not great tackle prospect but fills a huge need at OT. He needs to do some work but given proper time he could become a stud.

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