Knowing the 2012 Guard Prospects

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The Guards position is becoming more and more important in today’s NFL.Some of the best rushing teams and best O-lines in league history have had elite guard. A guy like Carl Nicks, or Ben Grubbs can instantly improve the play and toughness of the offensive line. Below is a ranking and analysis of the top guard prospects of the 2012 draft class. This post will also include projected draft position and links to their play. Many of these players have potential to be impact players in the NFL. Without further delay here are the top ten offensive guard prospects of the 2012 NFL Draft.

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Why David DeCastro will fall out of the top 12

I have been wondering a lot about David Decastro’s draft stock so I did some research. Here is when the first guard was taken in the draft since 2000

2011 – 23rd
2010 – 17th
2009 – 51st
2008 – 39th
2007 – 29th
2006 – 23rd
2005 – 32nd
2004 – 46th
2003 – 33nd
2002 – 30th (that was us, Simmons)
2001 – 17th (Hutchinson, now a FA)
2000 – 37th

After the jump see some analysis of this

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Analyzing the Wide Receiver Class

This year’s WR class is absolutely loaded with elite talent and phenomenal depth. Every type of WR is represented and there will be a lot of WRs taken early in the draft. After the jump see my analysis of this year’s WR class

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Analyzing the Rush Linebacker Class

The rush LB class this year is very top heavy and lacks any sort of depth. Once you get outside of the top 6 to 8 prospects, you really don’t have many NFL prospects there. After the jump take a look at the breakdown of the Rush LB’s.


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Analyzing the Running Back Class

This year’s RB class if quite deep and has some fairly impressive talent at the top end of it. There is a good mix of short yardage backs, all purpose backs, and speed backs and you can find out more about these prospects after the jump.

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Analyzing the Guard Class

This year’s offensive guard class is loaded with good players from top to bottom and has possibly the best guard prospect in the past ten years to top it off. After the jump see all you need to know about this fantastic class of guards.

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