What to expect in the next week to ten days

Tomorrow: 2013 Mock Draft

Monday: AFC North and AFC East Draft Grades

Tuesday: AFC West and AFC South Draft Grades

Wednesday: NFC North and NFC East Draft Grades

Thursday: NFC West and NFC South Draft Grades

After that just expect two to three weeks of light posting because I have a lot of tests to take. Then I will get into 2013 coverage with initial position rankings. 

Tons of Great Talent Still on the Board

Just wanted to give an update on all the talent still left in this draft. Check it out after the jump

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First Round Grades and Updated Team Needs

With the first round of the draft completed, here are my initial grades for each of the first 32 picks. In addition, I’ve included the updated team needs for each team. This should provide a good indication of where the teams are likely to go in next couple of days.

1. Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck QB, Stanford


You can’t give anything less than an A to Indy. Taking the best QB prospect since Peyton Manning to replace Peyton Manning.

Remaining Needs: WR, G/C, NT, CB, TE, LB

2. Washington Redskins: Robert Griffin III QB, Baylor


The Redskins deserve an A for recognizing that there are only two franchise QBs in this draft and going after the last one.

Remaining Needs: RT, CB, S, ILB, G/C

3. Cleveland Browns: Trent Richardson RB, Alabama


This would have been an A if they hadn’t traded up. Giving up 4th, 5th, and 7th round picks to move up one spot is just bad business. Even if a team was trying to jump them for Richardson, they lost too much to justify it. That said, Richardson is a great fit and should be productive for the Browns.

Remaining Needs: WR, RT, QB, DB

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NFL Draft Open Thread

This thread will be used for significant developments, trades, and picks during the first round of the NFL Draft. Let me know what you think about each pick by commenting on this thread. If you are on the site, just keep refreshing the page throughout the night as I will add all the updates below the jump.

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ezsteeler Final 3 Round Mock

With just a few hours until the draft, I’ve completed my Final 3 Round Mock. Enjoy!



1. Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck QB, Stanford

We should be expecting Indianapolis to start contract talks with Luck soon, they have no reason to wait.

2. Washington Redskins (from Rams): Robert Griffin III QB, Baylor

If the Colts start negotiating with Luck, Washington might as well start with RG3.

3. Minnesota Vikings: Matt Kalil OT, USC

Trade rumors are heating up with Minnesota, but they’d be making a mistake if they pass on Kalil. With how messy their line played last year, they have to take a franchise LT to protect Christian Ponder.

4. Cleveland Browns: Trent Richardson RB, Alabama

As a Steelers fan, I can only hope the Browns take Tannehill so they stay in the dumps of the AFC North for another few years. That’s not to say Tannehill can’t succeed in this league, I’m just saying he won’t succeed in Cleveland. Their lack of offensive playmakers is astounding. Taking Richardson at least takes some pressure off whoever is playing QB for them.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Morris Claiborne CB, LSU

Claiborne is probably the last of the elite prospects in this draft, though Blackmon is not far behind. With all the uncertainty around Tampa’s Corners, he makes the most sense for the Bucs even if Richardson is available.

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Stock Rising – Stock Falling

With just 24 hours to go before the NFL Draft comes around, I will give you a quick break down of who has seen their stock rise and fall in the past week or so. 

Stock Rising:

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Compensatory Picks Announced

Today the NFL Owners announced the 32 compensatory picks for this year’s draft. After the jump, see who got what

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Saints get punished – Jets get Tebowed

This is not draft news (though both play a role on the draft) but I felt I needed to address both of these issues. First of all, I completely and 100% agree with Godell’s punishment for the Saints. I play football and it is not okay for multiple coaches and a GM to pay their players money to injure opposing players. I know football is a violent game but it is simply unnaceptable to give players bonuses for hurting people. How does this news affect the draft? Well, as part of the punishment, the Saints lost their 2012 and 2013 2nd round draft picks. Now, the Saints don’t have a pick in this year’s draft until the 3rd round. For a team with multiple flaws on the defensive side of the ball (LB, DT, CB) they will now be looking towards middle of the road players to fill that need. They will now have to look at Free Agency to fill those needs.

In other major NFL news, the Jets gave up a 4th and 6th round pick in this years draft to land a backup QB in Tim Tebow. The Jets have numerous needs (WR, RT, FS, SS, HB, RG) and now lack two draft picks that could have helped fill those needs. And all to land a backup QB when they already had two other QBs on the roster? This move screams of a PR move to try and fix the image of the Jets organization. Ultimately, I feel that Denver robbed the Jets and for a cap strapped team like the Jets, this move will greatly effect next years team. A 4th round pick on a guard like Lonnie Edwards or a WR like Dwight Jones would have helped this team a lot more than Tim Tebow will. The Broncos won on this deal big time.

Post Free Agency Mock

Now that most big-name free agents have new homes here’s a mock to show how teams’ needs have shifted. I’ll address specific signings more in the comments for each team.

1. Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck QB, Stanford

Indianapolis might as well start negotiating its contract with Luck at this point.

2. Washington Redskins (from Rams): Robert Griffin III QB, Baylor

Did anyone think Dan Snyder would lose a bidding war? To those who think they gave up too much, you’re wrong.

3. Minnesota Vikings: Matt Kalil OT, USC

Almost as sure about this pick as I am that Luck will be a Colt. Minnesota can’t pass on Kalil.

4. Cleveland Browns: Trent Richardson RB, Alabama

This is where things get tricky. After botching the trade for RG3 they need to restock just about every position on offense. Losing Peyton Hillis makes runningback a bigger need than receiver, as incredible as that sounds, and Richardson is a far better prospect than Justin Blackmon.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Morris Claiborne CB, LSU

Another easy pick, Richardson to Tampa has been a common pick lately but with him gone they’ll sprint to the podium to grab Claiborne. Signing Eric Wright isn’t enough to solve their issues at corner and Claiborne is already a better cover corner than Patrick Peterson, who went 5th overall last year.

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My 2012 NCAA Tournament Bracket

With the 2012 NCAA tournament starting tomorrow I figured I would give my bracket to yall. Just to let you know, even though I watch a ton of college basketball, I suck at picking brackets. After the jump see who I am picking

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