Second Round Draft Prospects I love more than you

The strength of this year’s draft class is in the middle rounds. This year’s class features numerous starters and potentially very, very good players in the second and third round range. This post will look at some second round prospects that I like for the Steelers but also just in general in terms of prospects I like.

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NFL Draft Interviews – James Michael Johnson, ILB, Nevada

Hey guys. Just completed an interview with James Michael Johnson, the inside linebacker from Nevada. James has had a very impressive four year career at Nevada and played in all four seasons. He has recently been projected anywhere from the third to fifth round of the NFL Draft and he kindly took some time to answer some of my questions. I would like to give a big thank you to James for taking the time to answer my questions.

1. What was the toughest moment in your life? How did this moment make you a better person?
Probably in 7th grade when my grandmother passed away. I had to get back to reality. That was the first time that someone close to me passed away. You kind of appreciate life a little more

After the jump see the rest of the questions

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One winner and one loser from the combine today

Hey guys. Just wanted to give you a quick update on the results of the combine today. Two players stood out today. One stood out for a good reason but one stood out for a bad reason. After the jump see who they were.

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Mychal Kendricks among the biggest winners at the NFL Combine

The Combine still has one more day to go but Mychal Kendricks stole the show for the LBs today. He ran an incredible 4.41 and showcased his remarkable athleticism in the broad jump and vertical. To go along with this great athleticism, Kendricks looked awesome in drills as well. Kendricks came into the combine as a fourth round prospect but should now be considered a second to third round prospect. After the jump see highlights on Kendricks and my updated ILB position rankings. Expect a player profile on Kendricks in the coming weeks.

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Defensive Line and Linebackers winners and losers

Hey guys. Another day of the combine is done and it is time to let yall know who won and who lost. Take the jump and find out.

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More Combine News

Hey guys. Just wanted to continue to update some of the combine stuff.

Today was the day the combine really got going with the RB’s and WR’s both participating in 40’s and drills. I already covered the WR’s who impressed at the combine and now I will talk about the RBs who impressed and did not impress.

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