Grading the 2012 NFL Draft – AFC North and AFC East

First a little introduction on why the grades will happen. The grades are based on a combination of need, BPA, and who the teams passed on. Also, the lowest grade in the 6th round is a D and in the 7th round it is a C. Most picks from round 5 and beyond will be in the C range unless a pick is very good.

AFC North

Pittsburgh Steelers

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Initial 2013 NFL Draft Player Rankings – Quarterbacks

I decided to start these today and skip a 2013 mock draft. I figured it would be best to give you guys information on the 2013 draft prospects first and then write a mock draft. Expect the 2012 NFL Draft grades to start rolling out tomorrow.

1. Matt Barkley, QB, USC – Matt Barkley would have been top five pick in the draft in 2012 so he definitely comes in as the front runner to be the #1 pick in the draft next year.

2. Tyler Wilson, QB, Arkansas – Wilson has all the tools to become a great QB in the NFL. His arm strength is phenomenal and he makes good decisions with the ball. He could be a top 3 pick next year.

3. Tyler Bray, QB, Tennessee – Tyler Bray has all the tools but makes some dumb decisions. He needs to improve on those and he could be a top five pick.

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