Ranking the 2012 NFL Draft Class by Position – Tight End edition

I hope you all enjoyed the holiday weekend. While I did not post anything over the weekend, I made a lot of progress on scouting the NFL Draft. I started writing a 3 round Mock Draft that will be out Wednesday. Along with that, I completed ranking the rest of the offensive side of the ball. I will start unrolling those posts over the next three days. Starting Friday, I will start working on the defensive side of the ball. Beginning next week, I will begin publishing player profiles.

This year’s TE class features one elite prospect and many, many more average to good prospects.

1. Dwayne Allen, Clemson – Allen is far and away the best TE in the class. I have him as a late first to early second round pick due to his combination of receiving and blocking abilities.

2. Coby Fleener, Stanford – Fleener is a dynamic TE who is better as a receiver than a blocker. He could also line up as a slot WR in the NFL.

3. Orson Charles, Georgia – Charles is a good TE prospect. His strength is as a blocker but he also has some receiving skills. He reminds me of Heath Miller.

4. Tyler Eifert, Notre Dame – Eifert is a good prospect who is only a junior. I have not heard if he declared or not but if he did, he will be a third round pick.

5. Evan Rodriguez, Temple – Rodriguez is a versatile prospect who can also play some H-back. He is an average receiver who excels as a blocker.

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Updating the 2012 NFL Draft Class

I have been dormant for the past couple weeks but here is a summary of who has declared for the NFL Draft, who has filed for paper work, and who is staying in college.


  • Today I found out via Mocking the Draft that Brandon Jenkins has filed for paper-work for the NFL Draft but is nowhere near a decision. A report by the Orlando Sentinel today noted that Jenkins, cornerback Greg Reid and “many” third-year players will be filing. I am assuming that one of these third year players is red-shirt sophomore Xavier Rhodes, who will likely just test the waters and return.
  • Wake Forest WR Chris Givens has said that he will consider the NFL Draft. Givens has had 74 catches for 1276 yards and 9TDs this year to lead the Deamon Decons. Givens told reporters he is going to make his decision after he receives his grade from the board. “After the Vanderbilt game I sent them my declaring-for-eligibility form or whatever, and I’m just waiting to get my official evaluation back,” Givens said. “I’ve heard things from different people but nothing official yet.”
  • Andrew Luck will enter the NFL Draft. No surprise here
  • Matt Kalil is unsure of his decision. “I’m not close to making a decision. That will probably happen in the next couple weeks. No decision has been made. I just started thinking about the process I’m going to go through to make the decision.” If he does not enter, the OT class will be extremely weak.
  • Justin Blackmon will declare for the NFL Draft. No surprise here either because due to Alshon Jeffery’s struggles this year, Blackmon has become the clear #1 WR in this year’s draft class.
  • Junior WR Mohammed Sanu is unsure of whether or not he will declare for the draft.
  • Montee Ball has said that his draft grade will determine whether or not he will enter the draft. “Obviously I’d love to hear first round,” he told the media. “I’d love to hear even late second. But third or four I’d most likely stay.” For what it is worth, I have him rated out as a first to second round back if Trent Richardson stays in school.
  • Trent Richardson said that he is coming back to Alabama for his Senior season.  However, many remain skeptical of this, especially if he wins the Heisman and a National Championship in the next month.
  • Fletcher Cox of Mississippi State will enter the NFL Draft. I have him rated as a second round DT prospect with room to rise at the Combine.
  • David Wilson will submit his NFL Draft paperwork but has not made a decision. “Regardless of my decision, I would like to see where I would end up if I was to take that route,” Wilson told the paper.
  • Matt Barkley has filed for NFL Draft Paperwork but has not made his decision. “There’s not really a timetable,” he told the media. “But there’s definitely going to be a process.”
  • Marcus Forston, Tommy Streeter, and Aldarius Johnson, all from Miami (Fl), will enter the NFL Draft. The highest rated of the three is Forston, who could be a Day Two pick.
  • Manti Teo has filed for paperwork for the NFL Draft but was non-committal about whether or not he will enter. Same goes for Tyler Eifert, the Junior TE from Notre Dame.
  • It is rumored that Khaseem Greene, the Co-Big East Defensive Player of the Year, will enter the NFL Draft but he has been silent on the issue. Same goes for Miami RB Lamar Miller (a Redshirt sophomore) and Junior Temple RB Bernard Pierce.

That is all I have for you guys tonight. Expect more from me in the following week.