Welcome to Draft Database


Hey guys and welcome to the ultimate NFL Draft website, Draft Database. Here at DD, we look to provide the best coverage possible for our readers with a goal of posting at least 1 and up to 5 posts per day. The main goal of this site is to provide scouting reports on over 200 players per draft class and also rank players, cover team needs, and post mock drafts. We are always looking for new writers so feel free to email me at: steelersrule125(at)gmail.com

Subscribe to the Site

If you want to fully enjoy this website, you need to subscribe to the site on the right hand side of the bar so you can post comments and get emails each time a blog is posted.

Post Calender

The post calender page is where I will try and keep you guys alert as to what will be posted and when. Since I am only one person running the blog, at times I will fall behind. I will try and let you know when I fall behind but sometimes it will just happen without notice. If I miss posts during the week I try and post them on the weekend.

Website Music

I am currently working on putting together a music track for this site. Hopefully I figure it out soon.


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