Ranking the 2012 NFL Draft Class by Position – Tight End edition

I hope you all enjoyed the holiday weekend. While I did not post anything over the weekend, I made a lot of progress on scouting the NFL Draft. I started writing a 3 round Mock Draft that will be out Wednesday. Along with that, I completed ranking the rest of the offensive side of the ball. I will start unrolling those posts over the next three days. Starting Friday, I will start working on the defensive side of the ball. Beginning next week, I will begin publishing player profiles.

This year’s TE class features one elite prospect and many, many more average to good prospects.

1. Dwayne Allen, Clemson – Allen is far and away the best TE in the class. I have him as a late first to early second round pick due to his combination of receiving and blocking abilities.

2. Coby Fleener, Stanford – Fleener is a dynamic TE who is better as a receiver than a blocker. He could also line up as a slot WR in the NFL.

3. Orson Charles, Georgia – Charles is a good TE prospect. His strength is as a blocker but he also has some receiving skills. He reminds me of Heath Miller.

4. Tyler Eifert, Notre Dame – Eifert is a good prospect who is only a junior. I have not heard if he declared or not but if he did, he will be a third round pick.

5. Evan Rodriguez, Temple – Rodriguez is a versatile prospect who can also play some H-back. He is an average receiver who excels as a blocker.

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Updated Position Rankings – TEs

The TE class is lacking in talent and depth. Right now I see no first round prospects and only two second round prospects.

1. Jake Stonerburner, TE, Ohio State: Stoneburner is not a first round prospect but he is good TE prospect that can get open and is an above average blocker.

2. Michael Egnew, TE, Missouri: Egnew is a big target who is an above average receiver but excels as a blocker. He is a borderline second round prospect with room to grow.

3. Coby Fleener, TE, Stanford: Fleener is a great receiver who can play some slot but is an awful blocker. That should keep him in the third to fourth round.

4. Dwayne Allen, TE, Clemson: Dwayne Allen is a physical TE who has good hands and is a good blocker but struggles to get separation.

5. Orson Charles, TE, Georgia: Charles is an undersized, fast TE who can get open and catch passes but needs to improve as a blocker.

6. Ladarius Green, TE, Louisianna-Lafayette: Green is very similar to Charles but with even less blocking skills.

7. George Bryan, TE, North Carolina State: Bryan is a great blocker but a below average receiver. His blocking skills remind me of Heath Miller’s.

8. D.C. Jefferson, TE, Rutgers: Jefferson is a dynamic TE who is an above average blocker and an above average receiver. His stock could rise at the combine if he declares. I think he will stay in school though.

9. David Paulson, TE, Oregon: Paulson is an athletic TE who excels in the receiving game but needs to improve as a blocker. He should be a participant in the Shrine game and Senior Bowl and that could improve his stock.

If you did not notice the theme here, there are no complete TEs. Most of them can either block but not catch, or catch but not block.

41st to 50th Offensive Prospects

This is the final installment of a five part series that looked at the top 50 offensive players in the 2012 NFL Draft. Today, I will look at 41 to 50.

41. Case Keenum, QB, Houston: Keenum has been one of the best college QB’s in the past couple years. He has a big arm but will need to transition from Houston’s wacky offense.

42. D.J. Woods, WR, Cincinnati: Woods will move into the No. 1 WR role for Cincinnati and should have a huge season.

43. George Bryan, TE, N.C. State: Bryan could have declared for the 2011 draft but wisely chose to return for his Senior season. Another good year should put him in Day 2 or early Day 3.

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